Monday, January 9, 2012

Word Cloud

Have you seen these cool word clouds? I spent my working years in the publishing business. I love typography and words (I have been known to read the dictionary). I am hooked on Words with Friends on my iPhone (anyone want to play with me?).  So I love these word clouds and now I love that I can make my own so easily. Here's one based on my  blog.

 It seems only right and natural that Beads is prominent but I'm pretty sure I never wrote anything with "eeeeee" or "tabs-inner."  So I don't know where the words come from exactly but it's pretty cool to do.

I made one for Brooke's blog (my daughter), too. She's at whimsyvalentine.com Her word cloud is:

 I love this one, too! What fun to play with this cool software.  It's here.  You can go make your own.
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