Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Long Month

It's been busy here in Houston. And fun and rainy (thank heavens for that). The busy-ness started with this.  Our good friends from Dallas have a son whose a professional runner. He qualified to try out for the Olympic marathon team so everybody came -- all the aunts and uncles, several cousins, and the grandmother of the runner. They came from all over the US and it was such an amazing show of support for this kid. Though they all stayed in a motel, our house was the gathering place for meals and socializing. It was really fun, and even though they weren't our family, we felt part of theirs. My own brother even came and that was awesome (he's one of my favorite people on this earth). Sadly, the runner didn't make the Olympic team this time. But he has an indomitable spirit and is already planning for 2016.

And then the stomach flu hit our house. Yikes! That was not fun and that's all that's need to be said about that. And it felled several of the people who were here that weekend. Sadly we missed a trip to see a cherished SIL who was visiting Texas because of this bug.

I have beaded. First I'll show you what didn't work. I call this one the Elephantine Hot Mess:  I mean, look at this! Thread showing everywhere. The spirally look going in too many directions (should only be ONE). And it would truly fit an elephant. HA. Let me know if your pet elephant needs a bracelet and I'll send it on.

Then I did some quickie bracelets in chakra colors. I'm going to do more of these using the right gemstones but these were made of glass beads.

And finally, one that I really like and really enjoyed making. It's the flat spiral pattern and I just love the way it turned out. I love blue & copper together. And it was really fun to do, too.

I've had a lot of work for my job so that's kept me busier than usual. It's a good thing to have work but I really want to bead all the time!  So that's my record of January. Sorry to post so sporadically but that's the way it goes!

Thanks for reading.
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