Thursday, July 14, 2011

Metaphysics of Gemstones

Do you ever think about the metaphysical aspects of gemstones when you're making things from them?

I'm very interested in this and have learned in a lot in my short time beading & stringing. Whether you believe it or not, it doesn't hurt to consider this when you're making something specific for any other person.

My almost-daughter (a friend of our daughters) has been trying to get pregnant. At 38-39-40, this is not easy. I made a bracelet w/ stones that are said to enhance fertility. The stones included chrysoprase, green jade, carnelian, quartz and garnet. Our dear almost-daughter isn't pregnant yet but we're still hopeful.

One time a dear friend was going through a very, very stressful time in her life. So I made a bracelet that used stones said to promote balance, harmony & peacefulness, to calm conflict and agression, and to increase desires for new experience and provide general protection. Those stones were unakite, red jasper and mookaite.

And for good measure, I made a few bracelets that covered the chakras, those wheels of energy along the body. I made some with glass in the colors of the chakras but then decided gemstones would be more powerful. So I used garnet (or red jade), dragon vein agate, crystal quartz (or yellow jade), peridot, crazy lace agate (or fire vein agate), sodalite, and amethyst in those. Here's a picture of each of them.

I'd really be interested in what you think about all of this. My interest in metaphysics goes back way before I started to make jewelry but I love the that it ties in so naturally here. Please let me know what you think. Thanks!


Green Shoot Jewellery Designs said...

I think they are fabulous, well done! I like the metaphysics side too, it makes the piece of jewellery more meaningful to the wearer if you have thought about what the gemstones signify.
I got my little girl some amethyst because she has bad dreams sometimes, she puts it under her pillow to go to sleep and she is convinced it keeps bad dreams away :-)

Anonymous said...

I love this! I've done the same thing when making jewelry. I have a friend who is a medium and I'm going to make her a pendant with Hematite to ward off negative energy. What else should I add to it?? Protection against evil and all that, lol.

Copper Diem said...

very interesting post! i work mostly with glass, but i figure any extra boost from the beads can't hurt. love your designs! (and look! i'm commenting!

Kristen said...

Oh I need one of those balance ones!!!! I have so off balance on a regular basis. I am so glad you know this information because I am sometimes in need of special stones.

Cindy said...

Sally, how thoughtful of you to consider the metaphysical traits of the stones you include in your designs! I know you almost-daughter must truly appreciate the thought you've given to the special bracelet you made for her. I'm hoping she'll have good news soon!!

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