Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bead Soup is Boiling!

After all my angst about what I was going to send to Kelly (Adventures with Kelly), I have to tell you that we sent such similar things to each other it just made me chuckle. I love the goodies and am here to tell you and show you them all. She said she sent me things that represent what she really loves so I'm thinking that's a good omen for what I sent her!!
Here's the package: So pretty! And I love that those glassine envelopes actually match the gift card. How cool is that!

And for what's inside. That's what's really cool:

Wood and stones, glass and crystal, ceramic! All here representing Kelly's awesomeness as an outdoorswoman! The land and the sky. The trees, the ground, the water.

I really love how she did this collection. Oh, and the ceramic focal is by Kylie Parry -- isn't it great?

Kelly is a hiker and camper and canoer -- all things I am most definitely not. I go from one air-conditioned place to another air-conditioned place and the great outdoors is the distance from a parking space to a building's door! I really admire folks who get out there and do stuff! Look at the photos on her blog. Amazing vistas.
So thank you Kelly. This will be fun.

And... because of my angst over what to send to Kelly, I volunteered to take a second partner. More about Candice tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Self induced torture, you go girl! I love those outdoorsy beads that will be really fun to work with!

Kate said...

Great stuff! I cant wait to see what comes of it!

Pretty Things said...

Kylie Parry's work is awesome!

Ann said...

Wow, 2 partners gives you a huge selection. What fun.

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