Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fast F-A-S-T Peyote

I'm not sure if everybody who does peyote stitch knows this or not but recently a friend (who is way more advanced in this beading business than I) said she wanted to learn how to do it. So I thought maybe others would want to know, too. Here's your guided tour. Please forgive the blurry photos. Also, I'm sorry I have pictures with black beads but that was what I was working with at the time.
Start the same way you always do in even-count peyote, which as you know is your first and second row. Work two more rows of regular peyote as you would normally do, one bead at a time.
Then, pick up the same number of beads that you started with. In my example, I used 30 beads for the first & second row, so I picked up 30 beads at this point. Bring the needle up and around to the first bead at the top -- an "up" bead. Put your needle in that up bead pointing down toward the bottom of the work.
Then skip one bead on your beading thread and put the needle through the next one on that thread and then through the next up bead on the work. Repeat all the way down.
Finish by putting your needle through the bottom bead on the thread. Youve just completed two rows of peyote stitch in less than half the time it would take to do it bead-by-bead – the usual way.
I’m sorry my pictures are of black beads and not great quality but hope you can see the slick way this works.
I’m really grateful to Melinda Barta (and Interweave) for the video on peyote stitch that Melinda did. I used to have such trouble starting a peyote project but the way she explains it (and shows it in the video) has ended all that frustration. She’s brilliant! And I’m also really grateful to Deena at Spring Beads in Spring, Texas. I took a beginning peyote stitch class there and after the class, Deena came into the classroom and showed us this Fast Peyote. I always use this w/ peyote projects now because it just makes it all go so much faster. I love peyote stitching, too, now that it is (1) no longer frustrating to start, and (2) fast.


rockcreekcreations said...

Now that looks really, really slick. I'll bet it would make it a lot easier to do a patterned peyote. Thank you!!

Therese's Treasures said...

I think I will try this, thank you Sally for sharing.

KipperCat said...

Thanks Sally. I'd read this somewhere before, but didn't make a note where. I kept a copy of yours - all ready for my next peyote project.

Anonymous said...

Alright girlfriend! This is awesome! I like peyote it just takes forever. I will try this today for yesterday's project! woo hoo! Also will check out the starter video. hugs!

Juliet A said...

This is brilliant! I wonder if it would work for odd count peyote?

Lilith said...

This is really awesome. I'll definitely try this out next time I'll peyote.
Thanks a lot for sharing! :D

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